Dubbing – Scripts and Translation

Dubbing scripts are special screenplays for lip-synch voice recording. These texts need to preserve a conversational tone and find the unique slang and speaking style of each character. The challenge is to maintain the style of the original dialogue while creating an independent, natural-sounding German version of the film.

A dubbing translator must balance the many levels of meaning contained in the original script, and should ideally offer multiple solutions to problems, as well as additional research and comments.

Selected projects

  • The Truth About the
    Harry Quebert Affair

    Series by Jean-Jacques Annaud, 2018 (Script and translation, Scalamedia Munich)
  • Trust
    Series by Danny Boyle
    and Simon Beaufoy, 2018
    (Script and translation,
    Interopa Berlin)
  • The Gifted
    Series by Matt Nix, 2018
    (Script and translation,
    Interopa Berlin)
  • Girls Night Out
    Feature by Philippe Gagnon, 2018
    (Script and translation,
    Arena Synchron Berlin)
  • Welcome the Stranger
    Feature film by Justin Kelly, 2017
    (Script and translation,
    Interopa Berlin)
  • Mindhunter
    Series by David Fincher
    and Joe Penhall, 2017
    (Script, Interopa Berlin)
  • Bojack Horseman
    Animation-Series by Raphael
    Bob-Waksberg, 2014-2017
    (Translation, Berliner Synchron)
  • Mr Selfridge
    Series by Andrew Davies, 2013-2016
    (Translation, Berliner Synchron)